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Shut Up Donald - single

by Brian Ledford

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2020 was quite a ride, wasn't it!

In an effort to manage the stress, uncertainty, and daily new lows in public discourse, I wrote released my first songs in 9 years. If for no other reason than to get it out.

If I was going to sum up the sentiment, it would be that by every single measure my father raised me to live my life by, that sorry sum'bitch who was sitting it the people's house, plotting, as it turns out, insurrection of the republic when I released this song, is an utter failure.


Well I guess by now damn near everyone can see
We ought to dowse this dumpster fire and get someone to lead
Ole DJ only got his mouth, spewing out hot air
And three thumbs, two for typing, one just dangles there

Shut Up Donald
Why can’t you just be quiet
Don’t you think it’s time you walked into that long, dark night
You’re keeping these good people from doing what is right
So shut Up and we might still get out of this alive

Despite how you try ain’t no way to sugar coat
So many thousands dying and it shows no sign of slowing
While you stand there doing nothing like ol’ Nero did in Rome
Trying to sell us on the notion it’s worth propping up Dow Jones

Shut up Donald
We’re tired of listening to it
If we sing this long and loud enough maybe you’ll take a hint
Slink back to Mar-a-Lago and play another round
If it’ll shut you up, hell we might give you a crown

My daddy taught me everything about being a good man
Now I don’t know how good I am, I try best I can
But I’ll be damned if you don’t fail on every single count
The very living, breathing, posterchild of a miserable no-account

Shut up Donald
Put a cork in your pie hole
Because every time it opens up out falls another libel
And if those beady eyes are the window to your soul
That must mean your filthy mouth must be the asshole

Mama told me ain’t just what you say but what you do
Repeating a lie a thousand times sure as hell don’t make it true
So strut and swagger all you like in your emperor’s new suit
Fooling the some of the people all of the time, is the only thing made great by you

Shut up Donald
Just zip you lip
Shut up Donald
Close your mouth and button it
Shut up Donald
Lend an ear to these wise words
If you don’t have anything nice to say
Don’t say anything at all


released October 13, 2020
Produced and mixed by Matt Brown


all rights reserved



Brian Ledford Port Townsend, Washington

Brian Ledford draws from his roots and what’s close to his heart and transforms it into great songs.

Music as much informed by The Clash as The Flatlanders. At turns as lush as Lanois, or as direct as Cash. The son of Oklahoma concrete finishers and Oilmen, he was born and raised in Texas based in Lubbock, Ft. Worth and Austin before relocating to the Pacific Northwest.
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