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From Sunlight Into Shadow

by Brian Ledford and the Cadillac Desert

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Where did that girl go When did the light Go out For her She was the brightest Jewel in the night And I’d follow her from sunset to many a sunrise Drag me down every rabbit hole in town Then disappear without a sound Then she’d turn up in hours or in days I’d shake my head and ask her what she had to say But she’d just smile and knock me off me my feet All my questions, swept away They say these lives play out infinitely So I pray that in those others she’s here home safe with me Now she’s gone for weeks at a stretch And each time my Jewel, she sparkles less and less Turn away from this slow motion wreck Can’t look at the marks left by Demons she’s keeping comfort with
Wrecking Ball in my hand Feel like tearing down everything we have Floor by floor I swing it round Till there’s nothing left but a hole in the ground Wrecking Ball sure wish I could Relieve myself of your constant pull Year after year you drag me down Till I’m lying at the bottom of a hole in the ground And the see-saw sends me up and down And the dizzy spin of the merry-go-round So build it tall, build it strong And that Wrecking ball can’t ever lay us low And when the years have passed us by We’ll be together staring at the stars with tears in our eyes And the see-saw sends me up and down And the dizzy spin of the merry-go-round So don’t pick up what you can’t put down Wrecking Ball sure wish I could relieve myself of your constant pull
I concede the point There is no virtue In continuing to watch this sad parade And though she’s lovely to look upon I knew all along The line would never end She’s so insecure And so insincere Goodbye Miss Today Miss Yesterday is here Well I hear you talk I just don’t agree That changing yourself into someone else Is the same as beauty And it’s so much work For so little reward Because through it all I still see She’s so insecure And so insincere Goodbye Miss Today Miss Yesterday is here And I want to say Don’t go down that road It only leads to sorrow I know you think you’re looking fine Sometimes the biggest lies are the ones we hold inside Miss Yesterday Don’t play that game Miss Yesterday I want to tell you one more time
Red Marker 03:25
A red marker on your skin tells you where you’re body has been But your mind can’t recall So you question the meaning of it all You dig yourself a hole Deeper than you can crawl from on your own And you hide from the world Till it all comes crashing in on you like a thousand pounds of dirt I promise you I promise you You won’t go down like that I promise you I promise you It won’t go down like that Every heartbeat is pure Every cancer has a cure They’re all just songs with no words And melodies that have never been heard in this world So step out of the dark And shine the jewel of a heart Every scar plays it’s part Walk you back to the child you were At the start Red marks along your skin Tells you where you’re body has been
Save yourself, for I am lost I knew the price, I paid the cost And when the scales of justice finally caught up with my cause There was nothing but skin and bones left subject to your laws And all I am is in your hands And all that’s left of the sands In that hourglass rain down on me so cold and unkind I would cast it down upon the floor if I thought it’d give me back my life But in your eyes I’m just a guilty man Tried and convicted for the color of my skin And the nightmare descends again Still the heart beating in my chest And Lay my soul to its rest Send your children to their sleep Safe from knowing the bargain you keep
I’m on the run Don’t want to die So meet me around the back Before the morning light hits the sights of their guns I’m on a swing Cut me down from this limb and let me sing Of alibies I never had And all the trials that made me the man that I am Climbing a mountain of anger Swimming an ocean of hurt Telling my heart to forget her And everything in this world I was on the outside looking in She was beautiful, said, “Can you do this one little thing?” Her man was mean, and it was me she loved And we would be together once he was gone A flash and a man falls to the floor And a last long look before my final day dawns
Low Ebb Feels like I’m running down Slowly Like an antique watch come unwound Don’t you try and tell me that tomorrow’s another day Because it only feels like some kind of sentence In this hell that I have made The devil took my hands But he left me my eyes So I can still see wrong from right And if it wasn’t a crime They why does it tear at my insides Day and night Slow time The kind you can’t pretend can ever lead to anything Anything useful or worth defending Leave you high and dry just like that tide Rolling out, for the last time Sleep only comes If I drink myself blind To chase these demons from my mind And the devil pulled out my eyes but he left me my hands So I can take this one final step Spring the trap that was set Take this message to my mother though she will not understand There’s no hell that burns hotter Than the one I now Release myself from


Eight songs that take the listener on journey from love and redemption to betrayal and despair. Turning summer day into brooding twilight like a West Texas thunderstorm sweeping across the high plains. Hailed as “…one cool ass country-jazz-cow-punk-excursion.“ “From Sunlight Into Shadow” is Country without the straw.”


released October 4, 2011

Brian Ledford vocals, acoustic and electric guitar
Matt Brown electric guitar (3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8), lap steel (4), bass (2, 5)
Reade Whitwell drums, backing vocals
Liam Blodgett bass (1, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8), electric guitar (2, 5), backing vocals
Carla Torgerson backing vocal (4)
Joy Davenport backing vocal (6)
Jon Hyde pedal steel (1, 6, 7)
Jeff Fielder electric guitar (1)
Michael Connolly Hammond B3 (5, 8), fiddle (2, 6)
Tracy Winjum trumpet (3)
Wes Isbell tenor saxophone (3)

Recorded and mixed April through June 2011 at The Track Shack, Seattle, Washington

Produced, engineered, and mixed by Matt Brown
Additional engineering by Tracy Winjum
Mastering by Rick Fisher at RFI Mastering
Cover image from Physiography, Salisbury, Rollin D. (New York: Henry Holt and Company, 1919)
Photography by Lord Fotog

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All songs © 2011, Brian Ledford (BMI), all rights reserved; except Kingdom of Rust © Goodwin, Williams (ASCAP), courtesy EMI Music Publishing. S2R06


all rights reserved



Brian Ledford Port Townsend, Washington

Brian Ledford draws from his roots and what’s close to his heart and transforms it into great songs.

Music as much informed by The Clash as The Flatlanders. At turns as lush as Lanois, or as direct as Cash. The son of Oklahoma concrete finishers and Oilmen, he was born and raised in Texas based in Lubbock, Ft. Worth and Austin before relocating to the Pacific Northwest.
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